1. I have or know someone who has a demo - who do I send it to?
    We are unable to accept unsolicited demos or music that we haven't asked for from you directly. Typically, the material we select from for our artists is found by our talent scouts, given to us from our publishing company, or other established contacts including producers and songwriters. We encourage you to keep performing and recording.
    The GMA Academy can help you get started in the Christian music industry -- for more information check them out under Events at GospelMusic.org.

  2. How do I get an accompaniment track/Choral Arrangement for a song?
    Accompaniment tracks are available for select songs through WordTracks. Visit their site at http://www.wordtracks.com/.

  3. Do you have sheet music for this song?
    As a label, we do not sell sheet music although some select materials are available through Word Music. If you're looking for accompaniment trax, sheet music or songbooks, try starting your search at http://www.wordmusic.com/.

  4. We are a radio station / video show / newspaper / magazine and want to receive singles/service/press releases/set up interviews. Who do we talk to?
    Fax your request for publicity servicing to 615-726-7886. Serious inquiries only, please. If you are a radio station, fill out the servicing application . If your station meets standard requirements you will be contacted by a radio promotions representative.

  5. Where do I find pictures of your artists?
    All publicity images and other images of our artists can be found at www.wordlabelgroup.com/pr/

  6. There is something wrong with my CD; My CD won't play; I don't like what I bought...
    The store or retailer you purchased our product(s) from is staffed by knowledgeable people that can help you with your questions. If they can't help you, they will be able to direct you to those who can. If you are dissatisfied with the product(s) then you would need to negotiate those terms with them.

  7. Where can I buy your CD's?
    Our products are available right here on our website, in the Store section at http://www.wordrecords.com/store/.  In addition, our music is distributed by Word Distribution to Christian bookstores, and general market retail chains through WEA Distribution. Check out the Word Distribution website at http://www.worddistribution.com/. You can find almost any Christian bookstore that will carry music by visiting http://cba.know-where.com/cba/. Our music releases are available digitally at iTunes and Amazon MP3 Store.  

  8. I had an old album and want to find it again - does Word have it?
    Older Word Records products, if they are still being manufactured, can typically be ordered through your local Christian bookstore. If you have tried there and can't find it, sometimes ebay can be a great resource. Also, Word Records and its sister labels offers the majority of their materials online via iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and similar Digital Service Providers. You should check there. If you still can't find it, you should go to http://www.worddistribution.com/ and see if it is still in print.

  9. I'd like to do an internship at Word Records. How do I get more information on that?
    Please email ca.internships@wmg.com for more information.

  10. I'd like to use a song by one of your artists in a video I'm creating for my church/youth group/school project/website. How do I secure the proper mechanical/master use/publishing permissions to legally use the music?
    For permissions for music use, please visit musicservices.org

  11. I REALLY like your artists and want to know more about them! How do I do that?
    Sign up on the Word Label Group email list! We make every attempt to keep you up-to-date on our artists, their schedules, and ministries. Also, check myspace.com for the artist's myspace profile.

  12. How do I contact Word Entertainment/Word Records with my questions:
  • I have songs that need to be performed: (see unsolicited materials policy above)
  • I am an artist and want to get signed (see unsolicited materials policy above)
  • I want to use a song for my church choir and need the music: http://wordmusic.com/contact_individual.cfm

13.  I have read all the above questions and none of them apply to me, who do I contact?
If none of the above links answer your questions, you can email our general email box - wordtech@wbr.com. Our response time can be slow, but your email will be replied to in the order it was received.